Economic Prosperity in Davis County

Leading efforts in community and economic development is one of the most important roles of the County Commissioner. Now is the time for smarter and bolder leadership in diversifying our economy. This will help us reduce property taxes, which creates a more business-friendly environment. As we plan more carefully we can also have sustainable, balanced, job growth while strengthening and preserving our main streets, historic charm, and open spaces.

  1. Collaborate with Davis County cities, DATC, the Chamber of Commerce, the School District, Davis Entrepreneur Launch Pad and other community stakeholders to create a new Davis-County-Wide Strategic Vision and Plan.
  2. Unite our efforts to create a more self-reliant county that doesn’t rely so heavily on Salt Lake and Weber County for high-paying jobs.  We can’t afford to invest so much in education, only to see our youth become our biggest export!

  3. Grow, retain, and attract businesses.  We’re falling behind other counties in this vital area.  The 23.4% property tax increase sends an unfriendly message to businesses who want to stay here, grow here, and locate here.  We can reduce property taxes as our economy expands.

  4. Expand our existing businesses’ global reach and attract and retain higher-paying technology and manufacturing jobs that sustain our growing families.  We can do much better at helping businesses of all sizes grow.