Brian's Plan for Davis County



WE NEED TO involve more stakeholders in designing then IMPLEMENTing A smarter, BOLDer STRATEGIC PLAN TO GROW OUR LOCAL ECONOMY and Strengthen the community.

I’ll focus on helping local businesses grow and on bringing in higher-paying technology and other jobs that support growing families. As a local small businessman, I speak the language of business and will treat this as a much higher priority.  

We’re falling behind other counties in attracting and retaining new businesses.  We could do much better at helping businesses of all sizes grow.  We can expand our existing businesses’ global reach and attract and retaining higher-paying technology and manufacturing jobs to sustain our growing families.  

My approach:

  • I will propose the county sponsor its own annual economic development summit and job fair to integrate and unify our community resources and efforts.
  • Using my 25 years’ business development experience to provide ideas to business organizations (like the Davis Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneur Launch Pad) to encourage more high-technology and international business development.
  • Be more proactive and competitive in attracting high-technology businesses to our county and getting existing businesses to go international.
  • I'll work to benefit Davis County from the state's image as the Silicon Slopes and a place for entrepreneurial innovation and global business growth.


WE NEED TO climb higher in our efforts to make Davis county government more effective, efficient, and unified.

I’ll focus on improving our processes and provide staff with the resources they need to deliver more cost-effective services and save tax-payer dollars.  

My approach:

  • Create a stronger culture of process improvement. We’ll focus on improving turn-around time, increasing cost efficiency, find cost savings, and improving our level of service.
  • Invest in the technology we need to create long- and short-term cost savings!
  • I will help the organization go from good to great.  It will take time, but we’ll have stronger leadership, a clearer vision, improved processes, and exceptional customer service.
  • I will work to unify the organization under the common goal of saving tax-payer dollars by following these best practices.


When faced with difficult decisions about finance, budgeting, and other issues; we need to let data reason and principles guide us 

I’m not afraid to ask the right questions needed to be more responsible stewards of tax-payer funds.  I also know how important it is not jump to conclusions until you have sound data and analysis.

My approach:

  • Ask each department to use more business and government best practices when proposing their budgets.  For example, ask them to share their desired outcomes and what is the return on investment (ROI) for new expenditures.
  • I will help create a stronger customer service culture.
  • In preparation for the priority-based budgeting process I will ask each department to do an environmental scan of their department and “community” to help determine needs from wants.


WE need to retain and engage our multi-generation workforce, especially the rising millennial generation.  


Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce in 7.5 years (the Millennials Tsunami) and Baby Boomers have already begun retiring (the Silver Tsunami).  We need to prepare Gen-X and the Millennials for leadership and other roles.

My approach:

  • Using mentoring to improve communication between the generations.
  • Get each department to create a leadership succession plan.
  • Inspire Millennials to join our County government by providing more internship opportunities and job shadowing.
  • Share and document institutional memory of retiring Baby Boomers so that we preserve critical information about processes and methods.